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Green Hearts Private Limited incorporated in April 2016, is managed by a dedicated team of experienced professionals. Green Hearts employs international technology and methods to nurture a greener environment. We are committed to minimize the carbon footprint, encourage eco-friendly practices and keep our planet safe, clean and green for the gnerations to come.

Product Portfolio

Electrical kitchen waste pulveriser and disposer

Surface Cleaner/ Disinfectant/ Sanitiser

Solid waste digester

Effluent treatment solution and septic treatment solution

Waste King @ Work

My Waste King Recycles Our Christmas Day Food Waste

Waste King vs. Chicken Bones

Waste King 8000 Eating A Chicken Carcass

To Make Life More Simple and Healthier Day by Day
To Build Strategic Partnerships, State-of-the-Art R&D with different approaches to technology, process, innovation and execution
Being socially responsible
Green Hearts' products help to fulfil the commitment towards the environment by reducing the harmful chemical we expose to the surroundings. Your organization can also be a part of this movement. Talk to us for associating with us.
Save earth and profit from it
Green Hearts invites you to be a part of our distribution network.
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Effy range of products
Effy range of products are a well-researched, eco-friendly array of surface cleaners, disinfectants and sanitizers. View the still growing product range here.

Towards a greener world

Daily chores are really a headache for working couples. So, there is a chance of compromising on hygiene and cleanliness. Try these tips to keep your kitchen and bathroom clean and safe. Kitchen hygiene : Never leave the dishes unwashed overnight. Wash dustbins once in every month. Give the dishwash scrubs a hot water bath
Depending on what you use to clean your house, you could be forcing your dog to live in a toxic environment. According to US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) studies, the level of air pollution inside maybe two to five times, and sometimes more than 100 times, higher than outdoor air pollution. That means if your
Unlike conventional cleaning products, you’ll know that green cleaning won’t harm you, your family, or your pets. Considering many of the hazardous chemicals in conventional products are often carcinogens, neurotoxins, mutagens, teratogens, or endocrine disruptors, it is definitely worth ditching them in favor of natural green cleaning products. Let’s see few eco-friendly ways to clean