Green Hearts Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in April 2016. We are a team of dedicated professionals driven by the passion to provide an alternative to the hazardous chemicals used at our homes and work-places. We believe that the irresponsible use of non-eco-friendly chemicals needs to be checked immediately to make the earth liveable for our children. It is our duty to ensure that the future of the earth is not at stake and make the environment safe by providing effective, bio-degradable and eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

The challenge was to produce these eco-friendly products keeping affordability in mind. During the last couple of years, we have invested in R&D and have been able to produce commercially viable eco-friendly cleaning solutions for different applications. We will continue in the quest to expand our portfolio of products to cover the whole gamut of cleaning needs for homes, institutions and industries.

Why Green Hearts?

All our products pass stringent quality tests. They are ethical and have not been tested on animals.

Our institutional team will respond to your queries and help you with customised solutions that is right for you. We are catering to the needs of institutions across industries.Some of our clients include leading Malls, Hospitals, Restaurants, Star Hotels, Factories and large Apartments. Our products can be delivered to any location according to the client’s requirement.

We are in the process of setting up a distribution network to make relevant products available at retail points for customers.

Our Solutions

Green Hearts offers a wide range of eco-friendly solutions targeting home segment and the corporate / institutional segment. Apart from the products now available in markets, there are many more in various stages of development.

Existing Products

  • Surface cleaners
  • Septic System cleaning
  • Kitchen garbage disposal(electrical unit)

Upcoming Products

  • Hand Sanitizers
  • Toilet cleaners
  • Multi-surface cleaners
  • Dishwashing liquids and bars

Existing Products

  • Effluent Treatment solutions
  • Solid Organic waste Treatment
  • Surface disinfectants
  • Surface cleaners

Upcoming Products

  • Sanitizers
  • Machinery disinfectants
  • Special Category disinfectant
  • Toilet cleaners