100% Eco-friendly products that care for the users as well as the environment

Green Hearts has a range of eco-friendly products that effectively manage waste and disinfect surfaces. Green Hearts keeps an eye on the health of the environment while developing its products. You can also join hands with us in promoting chemical-free, environment-friendly green products.

Waste King

Kitchen garbage disposal

Waste King is an American brand pulverizer for managing kitchen waste. Green Hearts is the sole distributor for Waste King in Kerala. Demonstration and installation at client site on request.

Effy Clean

Surface Cleaner/ Disinfectant / Sanitiser

Effy Clean range of eco-friendly, chemical-free cleaners and disinfectants are safe for babies and pets. These products are targeted at both institutional and home segments. New generation of health-conscious consumers in both urban and rural areas are the core TG of Effy Clean range.

Effy Clean Plus

30 sec Hard Surface Disinfectant

Effy Clean Plus is a One Step Disinfectant Surface Cleaner effective against a wide spectrum of pathogenic microorganisms. Effy Clean Plus delivers fast, effective cleaning and disinfecting performance. No need to rinse.

Effy Clean Bacto

Effluent Treatment Solution and Septic Treatment Solution

Effy Clean Bacto is a microorganism based waste management product that removes sludge and keep the septic system odour-free

Effy Clean Bacto

Septic System Cleaner

Effy Clean Bacto , the septic treatment solution based on decomposing bacteria is meant for the home segment. It keeps the septic system in good condition and ensures a clean and odour-free toilet.

Effy Clean Bacto Sprayer

Organic Waste Digester

Eco-friendly biodegradable solution for managing organic waste like kitchen/food waste, garden debris.