Prevention is better than cure

Septic system installed in your home or institution is the area that gets the least attention and maintenance. We think of its existence only when the toilets start stinking or seepage happens. If your septic tank is doing its job well, no such undesirable events occur.

How to find if your septic system is in pink of its health.

If your toilet keeps stinking even after many rounds of cleaning, if it takes too much water and time to clean the toilet or if it attracts mosquitoes and flies, the culprit could be a nonfunctional septic system. Call your plumber and investigate the issue.

How to maintain a hygienic septic system?

If you want to maintain a good septic system that works organically, never use chemical based cleaners. Do not flush plastic, pads, diapers, hair or cloth through the toilet. Do not use too much water for cleaning the toilet.

How Effy Clean Bacto keeps your septic system in good condition.

  • Effy Clean Bacto is a 100% eco-friendly product
  • This natural formulation decomposes the waste organically
  • It eradicates sludge and foul odour
  • It works well to de-clog a blocked septic tank
  • Use Effy Clean Bacto periodically to keep the septic system n perfect condition
  • Effy clean Bacto avoids the need to flush too many times to clean the toilet thus saving water

Before using Effy Clean Bacto

After using Effy Clean Bacto

Effy Clean Bacto is effective in managing solid and organic waste

Effy Clean Bacto decomposes solid and organic waste

  • Removes foul odour instantly
  • Avoids mosquitoes and flies
  • Creates manure out of waste

Spray Effy Clean Bacto over the waste. The natural organism contained in Effy Clean Bacto decomposes the waste and converts it into manure which can be used in your garden